Armenia Immigration

Armenia immigration visa offers loads of advantages, so if you have picked this country then it is the best fit for you.


Armenia is a beautiful country with rich history and traditions, beautiful nature and a very low crime rate. Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is considered to be one of the safest cities in the world. 

The cost of living is low compared to other European countries. 

An Armenian residence permit grants you and your family members the right to unrestricted stay in the country, visa-free travel to Armenia, and the right to engage in any lawful activities, such as doing business, working (without a work permit), studying or simply retiring. A resident may invite other foreigners to Armenia. Residents enjoy  constitutional rights and freedoms, including rights to healthcare, social security, education, property and privacy rights, freedom of speech, conscience, religion and belief. Armenian residents are not obliged to serve in the military. 

Procedure, Steps & Time-frame

Starting from November 22, 2017, citizens of India can get a visa on arrival at the airport or other border crossing point with a maximum validity of 120 days (extendable by another 60 days).


We welcome the opportunity to consult with you as to your eligibility for a visa /permit and answer any questions you may have with no obligation.

Armenia PR is issued under following three sub categories:

  • Temporary Residence Permit    – One year, subject to further extension
  • Permanent Residence Permit    – Five years, subject to further extension
  • Special residence Permit            – Ten years, subject to further extension

Benefits of an Armenian Passport

1.Valuable travel document.

Armenian passport allows you to travel visa-free to dozens of countries, including Russia and other former Soviet countries. In many cases it may be easier to obtain visas to other countries using an Armenian passport rather than your current passport.

2. Citizenship passes to future generations

Your children and grandchildren will be able to get Armenian passports, irrespective of whether they ever move to Armenia. The rules are the same for mothers and fathers.

3.Government assistance.

Armenia has a number of government-sponsored programs for its citizens, including government-financed education and medical treatment, welfare benefits etc. Your children and grandchildren will be able to get Armenian passports, irrespective of whether they ever move to Armenia. The rules are the same for mothers and fathers.

4.Preferential treatment in Eurasian Economic Union.

You can take advantage of beneficial treatment in countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan) in areas of employment, work permits, social protection etc.

5.Land ownership.

As a citizen you can own agricultural and other land in Armenia, a privilege that is generally not available to foreigners.

6 Safety.

Armenia is generally considered to be very safe and has one of the lowest crime rates. If the economic or political situation is your country gets worse you can use your Armenian passport to temporarily or permanently move to Armenia with your family.

7.More freedom and options.

Having a second passport will help you avoid problems that may result from your country’s foreign policy and domestic regulations (for example, difficulties with banking). A second passport can be useful if you seek more privacy or if your first passport is expired, lost or confiscated. Finally, you will need a second passport if you ever decide to renounce your current citizenship.

8.Participate in political life in Armenia.

An Armenian passport will allow you to participate in the political life of Armenia, to elect and to be elected.

9.Dual citizenship allowed.

Armenian government will not ask you to give up your current citizenship. Equally, once you have an Armenian passport you can acquire other passports and travel documents without the need to notify the Armenian government.


The application process normally takes less than 6 months. If the application is filed in Armenia and the case is straightforward the approval is likely to come in about 4 months. Once your application is approved you can get a passport in a matter of days.


Essentially, you will need a document showing you qualify for citizenship (e.g. baptism certificate), a birth certificate and a valid passport. The application form asks for basic biographic information. There is no need to provide police certificates, proof of address, tax returns etc. Please contact us to check what documents will be required in your specific case.


Government fees for application and obtaining a passport are very low and should not exceed $70-80 even if you use optional fast-track services.

13.No language requirements.

If you are Armenian by origin you qualify for citizenship even if you do not have any knowledge of Armenian language.

14. No residency requirements.

If you are Armenian by origin you qualify for citizenship even if you have never been to Armenia. After you get your passport you do not have to spend a minimum number of days in Armenia to maintain your status.

15.Family members covered.

Once you get your citizenship your children can automatically get Armenian passports and your spouse becomes eligible for applying for citizenship

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