Competency Assessment Programme - Registered Nurse

NCNZ Accredited Competence Assessment Programme

This course is designed to provide internationally-qualified nurses with an understanding of nursing in a New Zealand context and assess your competence to practice within a New Zealand healthcare setting. This course is ideal for internationally-qualified nurses who currently live in New Zealand or those who are visiting New Zealand and want to get experience in New Zealand’s health system. 


Competency Assessment Programme

Program include:

New Zealand Nursing Council Registration with CAP (Competency Assessment Programme in the college/University) . The candidate will be placed after the successful completion of the CAP programme.

Required Documents

• Passport 

• Passport photo 

• Registration certificate 

• IELTS both (merged in one PDF) 

• Education certificate (highest to lowest all degree, transcripts merged in one PDF small certified with covering letter) 

• All job related letter, experience, reference letter for nursing related knowledge, skill, experience merged in single PDF with covering letter). Must have 1100 hrs. of clinical experience 

• Provide Curriculum Vitae (CV) 

• You must sign and date the CV to verify it as an accurate and truthful. Overview of your qualifications, professional experiences and relevant personal information


More information ​

If you would like more information, please contact Student Central on 9446077950, 9446567950, 9446097950 or email

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