Canada Investor Immigration

Apply for business immigration to Canada under the Investor Immigrant Program and take advantage of the various Government of Canada tax benefits.

The best Canada investment immigration program available today.

The preferred destination for international investors

Most countries around the world offer several ways for foreign nationals who want to relocate to their country to do so through investment. When we say “through investment” we mean that the foreign national must make a minimum investment into the country’s economy and after doing so, the country will issue a visa to the foreign national to allow him/her and his/her family to come to the country. These investor visas can be temporary or permanent and many can also lead to citizenship in the new country.

Canadian Entrepreneur Visa Process

The majority of Canada’s thirteen provinces have their own entrepreneur visa programs. Therefore, you would need to assess the requirements in your intended destination in Canada. Provincial Entrepreneur Programs involve a minimum of seven stages:  


With this program successful candidate can apply for Permanent Residence in Canada.

  • Under this visa there are no restrictions are placed on this working visa upon the work that can be undertaken.
  • The pre-requisite job offer is required with the Canadian work permit and successful candidates under this program by default will receive Permanent Resident Status.
  • The completion of three years in Canada, immigration services provides an opportunity for candidates to progress from permanent residency and apply for Canadian Citizenship.

Investor Visa Key Facts

  • The capacity to invest
  • The personal net worth and source of funds
  • Minimum investment of $200,000. CAD
  • Minimum net worth of $600,000. CAD
  • Previous business and/or work experience
  • Ideas for business growth

Investment Immigration Canada

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