Work in Germany: Getting a German work permit

Germany is a great choice for expats looking for a career boost! This is due to its well-performing economy, education system, and employment opportunities. 

Germany Working (Employment) Visa

Germany has been deemed as the fifth most favourable country to move to. This is due to its well-performing economy, education system, and employment opportunities. People from all over the world want to have a chance of moving to Germany.Working in Germany offers a good work-life balance, although unless you are from the EU/EEA or Switzerland you’ll need a German work visa and permit.

Germany is a great choice for expats looking for a career boost!Work in Germany averages about 1,371 hours per year, or an estimated 26.3 hours per week, the lowest in the world according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Added to this is a minimum requirement of 20 paid vacation days per year (though the average is 30) and up to 13 public holidays.


For personal advice about job searching, qualifications, residence and learning German ,we welcome the opportunity to consult with you as to your eligibility for a visa /permit and answer any questions you may have with no obligation.

Germany Immigration Helps you to Settle Down Permanently

As Germany is keen to attract professionals into the country long-term, such as natural scientists (biologists, physicists and chemists), engineers, IT specialists, other senior personnel and academics, these people are granted preferential approval for a German work visa or permit.

All foreign nationals can apply for a Germany Employment Visa if they fulfill the conditions to work in Germany.

According to the “Act on the Residence” that regulates the residence issue for foreigners in Germany, the categories eligible to apply for a German Employment Visa are as follows:

  • Highly qualified foreigners, in particular:
  • researchers with special technical knowledge
  • teaching personnel in prominent positions or scientific personnel in prominent positions
  • Intra-corporate transferees, in particular:
  • managers
  • specialists

In addition, eligible and encouraged to apply for a Germany work visa are third-world country nationals with a university degree or a non-academic vocational qualification that fulfill the conditions listed below:

  • There is a shortage of skilled workers in the profession you want to practice in Germany.
    • You have a concrete job offer.
  • Your education must be recognized as equivalent with a German degree

Processing Time for Germany Work Visa

The processing time for a Germany long-stay work visa may take from one to three months from the application day. The processing time depends also on the number of applications the embassy is receiving at the time, as well as your situation.

Job Opportunities in Germany!

  • Salary : (2200 Euro-3000 Euro)
  • 38-40 Hrs Per week on Job Trainings
  • Accommodation Not provided
  • Regularly renewable employment contract & all Labor benefits per laws.
  • German language B2 Certification
  • Salary 1000 Euro
  • Work Time 20hrs/Week
  • Language courses paid by hospital
  • Accommodation Provided by hospital free OR Paid
  • Promoted to Nurse OR Nursing assistant after getting B2 level German Language Certificate

Must have experience
Microsoft, Windows 10, Linux, Active Directory, Build,Configure and deploy software and hardware packages, Maintain and develop corporate servers and networks, Provide 1st and 2nd line support, etc.

C#, C++,SAP, JAVA, Java software developer, Front-end developers, full stack developer, cloud platform developer/Architect, App developer, Robot programmer, doo/Python Developer, PHP Developer, Software system Engineer, Technical Computer Scientist, Hardware  Developers , System and network administrator, Web Master and Web designer, Android/IOS, etc.

DW and BI, ETT/ETL, Visualization and reporting DW / OLAP/BI (Cognos, Micro strategy, Qlik view, Jasper soft) PHP, MYSQL, Shell Scripting etc.

Germany Work Visa